Friday, April 6, 2012

Here Comes the Sun!

O. M. Goodness. I'm in the Pacific Northwest and there's a huge ball of brightness hanging in the sky that I am entirely unfamiliar with. As a defense against the unknown, I shall don my warm clothing (it's still near freezing, here) and run outside and bask in its glory before it hides, again.

I know, not much of a "defense" per se, but it'll make me smile and that's important, too, right?

As an aside, don't stop trying those contests because.. guess what?

I won a copy of Shiloh Walker's Hunters Rise from Thea Harrison's blog! So excited I'm jumping up and down in my chair which is disturbing my dog greatly. I absolutely

reading new authors and discovering new wonderful series to follow. And, of course, meeting more total hawties with whom I establish fictional and fantastical long-term relationships with. *Cough* Did I just say that out loud? Anyway, thank you so much, Shiloh and Thea!!

Keep an eye out because I'll have a review up of Shiloh's book once I'm done with it!

With that absolutely incredible information in mind, I want to add a hot Hot HAWT contest going on, right now. Put up by a number of bloggers, you can win a free Kindle Fire *and* an gift card. I know, right? WOWSAS. Here's one of the blog sites up that's announcing it. Join in!

So, for today, I'm listing my top five reads (in no particular order!) for the week, plus the next on my "TBR" list!

Howl for Me, by Dana Marie Bell

Divorced, Desperate and Delicious, by Christie Craig

Third Grave Dead Ahead, by Darynda Jones

The Saint, by Monica McCarty
Review up on my site, too!

Lover Reborn, by J. R. Ward
Review up on my site, too!

Sins of the Angels, by Linda Poitevin, book #1 of her Grigori Legacy Series. Sins of the Son, book #2 of the same series, just came out, so gotta catch up!

and, of course,

Hunters Rise, by Shiloh Walker, book #6 of The Hunters Series


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