Sunday, April 8, 2012

Happy Easter!

Happy Easter, everyone!

This is my favorite day of the year and is- as it is to many- also the most important day of the year for me. I am so excited!

I'm keeping things super simple and won't be back until Monday, but in the mean time...

I've slightly redesigned the site. As you can see on the left, I have a list of on-going contests and things for you to check out. Free stuff! Go check them out! Lots of excellent blogs with excellent reviews. If you're a blogger or an author or a publisher and just happen to want to list your event on this blog, I'd love to hear from you.

I'm also going to be including a list of blog tours for you to check out with author interviews and more.

Lastly, I added a new function: my library. On this, you can see the books that are up next on my reading list or that I've already read. If you have a request for a review, let me know!

Happy Easter to everyone and see you Monday!!

I leave you with this thought...

Aliens, laying eggs in Easter Bunny near you!


  1. You are awesome. That is the greatest thing ever! Have you ever checked out the website They have plush Aliens. The face hugger one and the bust open your chest cavity and run amok one..... :)

  2. No friggin way. That is pure AWESOME.

    The whole site is like a toystore for me. I've only been on for a minute and I'm already giggling with devilish delight.


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