Some things about me:

I love to sing and play the piano.

I'm a mechanical engineering major.

I served a tour in the Army & I spent half a year in Afghanistan in the beginning of the war. Landmines, RPGs and dust, Oh My! Considering a plot line around Army beating Navy in football. It's a fantasy novel, of course. *facepalm*

I love swimming, biking, and running (total multi-sport event freak, too).

I'm an "adopted" daughter of the South (born elsewhere, but raised Southern, and moved there in my teens) and love it! I miss everything about the South, except for the heat. I can haz cold weather?

My Writing and Blogging

I am trying my hand at writing my own romance novel because I absolutely love to read them and I just can't afford to buy them as much as I want. Writing my own is free so why not, right? :D

I live in the Pacific Northwest of the USA with my husband, two daughters, and my large hyperactive dog.

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