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I try to stick to the same rating scheme as goodreads, since that's where I do most of my ratings. :) If you're interested in seeing a book reviewed or having yours reviewed, click the Contact Me button on the right!

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We all have differing tastes and that's wonderful. If yours differs from mine, that isn't a bad thing, it just means we're unique. I'm always open to discussion, but these are my personal preferences and I ask that you keep any conversation polite and considerate of the authors, their work, and anyone's opinions. Thanks!

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The Goblin King, by Shona Husk

The Saint, by Monica McCarty

Amethyst, by Lauren Royal

Lover Reborn, by J. R. Ward

Bared to You, by Sylvia Day

Edge of Passion, by Tina Folsom

The Siren's Song, by Jennifer Bray-Weber

Too Tempting To Resist, by Cara Elliott

Married by Monday, by Catherine Bybee

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