Friday, March 30, 2012

Day 2. A visit from the Good Idea Fairy goes haywire

The muse is not with me, at the moment. Instead, my sick child is.


Life goes on, however! :D

I've spent the past two days thinking about the my novel and it suddenly hit me: "I can do anything in it!"

I know, I know. "Uhhh, Fiona? It's a fiction. You could drop a purple headed platypus onto your main character and everyone would say, 'gosh, isn't fiction cute?'"

Okay, that may be an TEENSY bit of an over-statement, but the overall concept still rings true. The greatest thing about this idea is that I can write about anything and everything!!

However! Yin and Yang remind me that for every good there is a bad.

The bad part about this is that... I can write about anything and everything!! Gah! It's like have four million ice cream flavors. I want to try them all at once and I keep having to remember that while peanut butter does go with absolutely everything, bubblegum does not.

So now I'm coming with all kinds of changes that are just too awesome. And they just keep coming. And only like.. five of them might actually work.

So here's a question for writers out there:

What do you do when you've started writing and have spent all this work putting everything together, when you suddenly get hit by the Good Idea Fairy and have something new. And this "new thing" changes quite a bit?

I imagine the only answer is: back to the drawing board.

I figure I'll just have to set a limit for myself at some point.

But how? :D

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