Thursday, March 29, 2012

Day 1. Sort of.

So I'm writing. Yes, 'tis true! I'm writing. Furthermore, I'm writing a *gasp* Romance Novel.

Even MORE "furthermore", I'm writing a *gasp again* Paranormal Romance Novel.

It's about the Fae because I think they can be pretty darned hot.

Truth be told, this is actually the second novel in the series. I wrote about 1/4 of the first novel and realized it just wasn't working and I couldn't seem to get the plot to really work for me; too much angst, too little of the stuff we actually want to read about! So I decided to put it on hold for a bit until I could make the plot work.

So strictly speaking, I'm writing the second novel of the series which may become the first, we shall see.

It's actually been pretty fun, so far. I'm really liking my characters and I just cannot wait until I get to certain parts of the story. I don't know the exacts of what will happen, but I know what major things need to happen. The rest I'll find out as the characters tell me what they do.

I have a critique partner, but I'm thinking of periodically posting up little tiny excerpts of my book. It's hard holding back because I really, really, really want to tell everyone exactly what happens. Unfortunately, that doesn't make for a good book, so I'll just have to satisfy my "must share" urges by giving little bits and pieces.

We'll see how that goes.  :)

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