Saturday, March 31, 2012

Day 3. Sick as a dog

Okay, maybe not quite THAT sick. More like: "sick and dog-tired because my kids have been sick for the past week." Unfortunately, however, that seemed like too long of a title, so I condensed it. :D

I think I'm going to "skip a bit, brother" (to quote a line from Monty Python) and move ahead in my book. Or at least avoid certain aspects of the writing. My dialogue seems to be a big problem for me, right now. Oy. It's not snappy, it's not exciting, it's just boring.

Another idea was something I think I read on Karen Marie Moning's page, somewhere. She writes in "layers", essentially. She does the scenes from certain POVs, then goes back over and adds stuff, and then goes back over again to finalize everything.

That's actually a pretty darn good idea.

I'm going to give that a shot.

In the meantime, I just wrote down the major plot points to a completely new book, that just happened to hit me. I was waking up from my I'm-Sick-And-Need-Sleep nap and was in that groggy stage of dream-world but not deeply sleeping, so I remembered it. Ooo-ee, it was nice. Somebody wanted to make me his Queen. Go Team. :D

Oh, well. Off I go. Putting the kiddos to bed and then trying for some more writing. :)

Niters. :)

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