"The Saint" by Monica McCarty

The Saint, by Monica McCarty, Highland Guard Series #5

Read  The Saint, from the Highland Guard series by Monica McCarty. It was gooood. Sad at times, but definitely good. I've really enjoyed her series! I have a tendency to either really like heroines or absolutely hate them and it seems to be perspective of the author, given the tendency for me to generally always dislike an author's heroines or always to like them. Ms McCarty's heroines are pretty darn cool! I love how she balances the fact that they are independent, but that they are also women and want to be cherished. There is ABSOLUTELY nothing wrong with that. In fact, I think a strong woman can be both cherished and adored while following her heart. And furthermore that a strong woman is a woman who can balance them and cherish her man, at the same time. So good on ya, Ms McCarty! Another book well-done! Looking forward to Kenneth's book, and definitely for Gregor McGregor's, if he's going to have one, because I do so love to watch a hottie fall in love. Why deny?

As an aside, Monica McCarty is being added to my list of Favorite Historical Romance authors. Yay! :)

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