Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Day 6. or is it 7... what am I talking about, again?

Youngest was sick, again so I was up until 3:30 this morning. Had a meeting, later in the morning. Wasn't entirely coherent and don't remember most of it as I sort of glazed out.

I'm not sure whether to be disappointed or disheartened that no one at the meeting seemed to notice a difference.

So back to writing!

I have a new writing partner!! And it's a guy. No joke. True story.

We're going trade our stuff and critique each other!

I'm terrified.

Suddenly, my manuscript just doesn't seem to hold up to anything and I want to excuse anything and everything about it. Is that a bad thing? Aren't I supposed to "own" my work? "Yeah, this is my stuff and I'll never change it because it's perfect!" But nooooo... instead it's "Uhhhhhh.... my daughter wrote it. YAH, THAT'S IT!"

Sad beginning. *tear*

We'll see how it goes, though! I'll never get better if I don't.. well.. get better, I guess. And how am I to know if I can or where I can get better if I don't have some objectivity, eh?

Here goes nothing! Wish me luck! Monday is the day! And I have to manage to keep my 6 year old (who's in half-day Kindergarten) preoccupied during all this.

Going to need an extra cup of coffee, methinks......

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