Monday, April 2, 2012

Day 5. Pangur Ban

The kids have been sick all weekend and I was up until the early morning with one running a high fever.

However, thanks to good friends, I have gotten my groceries, my house is cleaned, aired, and my kids are up and running, again. :)

We've spent a good deal of the day sleeping off the ickies left over. The sun peeped out from the behind the clouds for a bit. It was around 53 degrees Farenheit; one of the warmest days of the year, so far. Windows were opened and it was lovely. Alas, the sun is gone, again, and it's cold. Time for a warm fire, mmmm!

The girls are watching Secret of the Kells, again, which is one of our favorite movies. Just because I love it, I've included lyrics to the song, without the síneadh fada ("accent" marks):

You must go where I cannot,
Pangur Ban, Panger Ban
Nil sa saol seo ach ceo,
Is ni bheimid beo,
ach seal beag gearr.

Pangur Ban Pangur Ban,
Nil sa saol seo ach ceo,
Is ni bheimid beo,
ach seal beag gearr.

 The translation is:

You must go where I can not,
Pangur Ban Pangur Ban,
Not in this world, but as fog.
We do not live,
but for a short, sharp while.

Isn't that just beautiful? It's GREAT music to listen to when you're trying to envision certain things. I've running around singing it while doing laundry.

The movie, btw, is truly a must. Absolutely beautiful. Breathtaking, even. Highly recommend it. :)

The origin of the song is from "Pangur Bán", an Old Irish (the language) poem, written at Reichenau Abbey, by an Irish monk. It's about his cat whose name is the title.

Slán libh!

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