Thursday, May 17, 2012

Vacation from the Vacation

Back from my vacation. Actually, I've been back for a few days. I've just spent the last few days sleeping.

It got me wondering: how do Twenty-Somethings function on so little sleep?!

Seriously. I spent the time with my twenty-something siblings and they partied hard. They are also back to work only slightly more tired than normal.

What happened to me? One weekend where I stay up late and I'm DONE IN. Exhausted. Fatigued! Tuckered out!

I'm bushed!

What happened that took so much of my energy?

When did this happen?

Was it this?

Maybe it was this?

Actually, I think it might have been something like this..........

But I'm surviving. Sort of.

My job is slacking, my writing is way behind, but the dishes are almost done and the house is only somewhat messy, right now. So I call that a success!!

Yay! Go team!

But I'm back and hopefully going to be writing soon. Blogging, too.

Just as soon as I get over being jealous of my younger siblings. Jealousy is such a silly thing, anyway. They stress about stuff and work hard, too!

I'm just wallowing in my own exhaustion. :)

At any rate!

I'm going to try to come up with something evocative to post about. Suggestions totally welcome.

I'm also trying to push the "Author Interview" route, a bit. So if you're interested, click that huge "Contact Me" button to the right and let's get to chattin'!

T'care, folks, and thanks, as always, for stopping by!

Again... suggestions welcome!


Graciously accepted and requested...


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