Thursday, May 31, 2012

Changes are for the best
At least, I hope so. :D

I've already begun to make a big one. Interested? Read on....

I'm moving on from Blogger.

What is this you ask? Why did I make something so inane sound so dramatic?

Because I just woke up, it's going to be a crazy day and it sounded PERFECT. :D

Anyway, wanna see?

Go check out my new site, play around and tell me what you think!

The Writer's Block Take II

Included in this awesome transition are a few new things:
1. I have discussion forums. Real, actual discussion forums. How awesome is that?

2. More capabilities... Won't be entirely obvious, but they're there. :D

3. A weekly newsletter!

4. Some other stuff as it comes down the pipe.

But that's an awesome start, eh? Oh, and there is a new review up on the new site, so don't forget to check that out, as well. :D :D

It would totally make me smile if ya'll did me a solid:

---> check out my forums. Register, tell me what's working, what's not. :)

---> Look around my site and give me some recommendations

---> Join the site! :) Always a total plus.

If you've enjoyed any of the pieces on this blog, head on over. I'm hoping to have an even more exciting one o're yonder!

Giddy-up! ;)

Last but not least, I'm showing this off because it makes me smile. Made this last night off of a simple little PowerPoint clipart thing. :)

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