Thursday, May 3, 2012

18 & Over Book Blogger Follow! #27

Question of the week!

Since it's Cinco de Mayo weekend here let's have a fun question this week! What's your favorite beverage to drink while reading? 

Ooo, I luvs me a couple of drinks.

My day-time drink. Luvs me some Harp!

This is my favorite evening drink: A Lemondrop Cocktail. Sour and oh so good!

And this... is my favorite "reading drink." I don't drink it socially as it makes me waaay loopy, but a good glass of red wine and a good book with the fire burning in the fire place? HEAVEN.

So what about ya'll? What do YOU like to drink? And what drink makes a good book "taste" oo that much sweeter? ;)

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How to join in:
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  1. Happy Friday~I love Lemondrop cocktail. It is one of my drinks of choice. I am a old follower :)
    Here is my Friday Follow:

  2. WOW where did you find the pic of the Harp!?! It's so strange. Our bottles are blue/yellow over here in the Emerald Isle. Anywho, I'm usless when alcohol is involved so I avoid it when reading. LOL

  3. To be honest when I start a new book I very rarely move from where ever I curled up with it to go in search of beverages, food or the loo. LOL.

  4.  LOL, I can completely understand that one. There have been a number of books that have made me lose weight from forgetting to eat, myself.

    I love how we practically begin to "hibernate" when we start a book. The only difference between us and bears is that we DON'T sleep, rather than only sleep. And boy am I grumpy when somebody interrupts me when I'm "book hibernating" lol!

    What are you reading right now? :)

  5. Really?? I've only ever bought the green label Harp, LOL!

    I'm good with alcohol as long as it isn't tequila. Tequila magically makes my clothes disappear. No, really, it totally does. I don't know how it happens. *big grin*

  6.  It's perfect, isn't it? Just enough fruity flavor, a nice happy sour ping to it... and enough alcohol to make your tightened shoulders finally start relaxing after a long week. I may have to make one tonight, I think. :D

  7. I have only tried a lemon drop once, but if I recall it was delicious.  Probably one of the prettiest drinks I have seen.

  8. lurv the Lemondrop Cocktail :0

    Mine -

  9. I totally agree. Lemondrops look good even in a red SOLO cup. :) 

  10. Wow! You know... it seems most everyone on here likes the Lemondrop... I hadn't even heard of it until a few years ago... We should start a Lemondrop fanclub, lol.


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